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God is watching… PART 2

9 Aug

I’m no prophet in this land of the bible.  But 15 months ago I predicted of what was to come.  I saw the writings on the wall, literally.  I wrote of “price tag,” the act of Jewish orthodox men terrorizing Arab villages in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).  Numerous acts of violence were committed: desecrating, inscribing hate messages on the walls of Muslim mosques, the burning of cars and property. Not one perpetrator was apprehended.  Emboldened with their success, they become more violent after each act.

Burned CHurch of Loaves and FIshes in Galilee

Burned Church of Loaves and Fishes in Galilee

Next they turned their attention on churches.  Recently they burned large parts of the Loaves and Fishes Church on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed miracles.  There’s no other word for it but terrorism.  6 in 10 tourists to Israel are not Jewish.  These christian pilgrims come in large numbers to support the State of Israel, to visit their holy sites.  And what do you in return?  We burn what’s dear to their heart.  These right-wing extremists, affectionately called the “hill boys” because they protect God-given hills in Judea and Smaria, are committing bolder and bolder crimes, and more frequently.  These “boys” look up to their Yeshiva (seminary) rabbis and to Daniella Weiss for guidance and inspiration.  Weiss is the hardcore founder of the Settlement Movement, an organization bent on building Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank at the expense of the Palestinian population.  She’s in the headlines again.  Last week Jewish terrorists torched two Arab houses and scrolled the words “revenge” and “Long live the Messiah King” on the walls along with a Star of David.  The fire consumed the structures.  An infant died.  Israel Defense Forces came on the scene and airlifted the mother and father to the hospital.  Later the father died of his burn wounds.  Israel’s president Reuven Rivlin, the media, and the majority of the Israeli public condemned the attack.  Weiss accused president Rivlin of being too soft with the Arabs and that he should watch his comments.  Rivlin stood his ground.  Weiss declared: “Rivlin can sleep well at night.  He’s not important enough to be killed.”  Does this not remind us of the escalation leading up to the killing of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995?

Burned Arab home by Jewish extremists

Burned Arab home by Jewish extremists

God must have watched the events that unfolded at the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem two weeks ago.  A deranged orthodox Jewish man who’d just been released from a long prison sentence for violent crimes went on a killing spree during the Parade.  He stabbed people left and right.  One 16 year-old girl died at his hands.  For him and his supporters, gays are not God’s children.

Extremists do not follow one of God’s ten commandments: “Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in Vain.”  Yet these men, Jewish, Muslim, Christian continue to misconstrue God’s will.  They interpret His word as their word.  They’re righteous, worthy of God’s blessing while others are ignorant infidels worthy of damnation and death.  For those of you who’re thinking why don’t I mention the atrocities committed by the Islamic State (ISIS), by Hamas, by Hezbollah, I say this: Jews are expected to behave and act on a higher moral ground.  As Jews we should not stoop to their level but bring theirs to ours.

After all, God is watching our Parade.


Maurice Labi is an Israeli-American who lived in Los Angeles for many years. In 2011 He returned to Northern Israel (Galilee) with his wife and twin teenage daughters. He is of two lands, of two cultures and he blogs about his experiences in Israel, particularly from Galilee where Jews and Arabs dwelled for centuries.

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