Springtime in Galilee

16 Mar

If I were a tour guide I would tell vacationers to come to Israel during April-May, the height of the spring season. Second choice would be September-October when the heat dies down.

Lower Galilee seen from Nazareth

Lower Galilee seen from Nazareth

Summer is brutal, mentioned in a prior blog. Winter in Galilee is often wet and bone-chilling.

Our house in Galilee is in the middle of Israel’s farmland, the country’s breadbasket.

Homegrown straberries in our garden

Homegrown straberries in our garden

The earth is deep brown, red, fertile.  Given water, anything grows.

Soon to be cut green wheat, barley and turned into hay

Soon to be cut green wheat, barley and turned into hay


During spring the sun hangs in the sky longer, itching for summer.

Farmers roll by on tractors to tend to their crops.

The hired help – Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese men – follow behind the Israeli farmers on trucks.

Homegrown Lettuce

Homegrown Lettuce

Vine leaves taking hold

Vine leaves taking hold

There’s a buzz in the air.  You can smell it, feel it, taste it.

Bees had just pollinated hundreds of almond trees near our house.

Butterflies scatter.Spring 12

Winter birds who’d come from as far as Europe fly overhead.Spring 4

Dogs pull at leashes, wanting to stretch little used limbs.

Stray cats come out from their hiding spots and tempt the sleepy dogs.

Women roll up shutters and blinds from mud-splutteredSpring 8 windows.

Men climb on ladders and wipe off the winter streaks from the glass.

Kids brush off the dust from their skateboards.Spring 3

Boys pedal on creaky bikes.



Old men linger near orange blossoms on their way to and from temple on Sabbath.

There’s talk of Passover in the air.

Everyone’s got something to do, somewhere to go.

When are you coming to visit?

Scroll down to see more of Galilee’s bounty.



Maurice Labi is an Israeli-American who lived in Los Angeles for many years. In 2011 He returned to Northern Israel (Galilee) with his wife and twin teenage daughters. He is of two lands, of two cultures and he blogs about his experiences in Israel, particularly from Galilee where Jews and Arabs dwelled for centuries.

He has also written three novels: “Jupiter’s Stone,” “Into the Night,” and “American Moth” — available at Amazon.com


or at BN.com


2 Responses to “Springtime in Galilee”

  1. Sandy Galfas March 16, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

    Beautiful photos. Think I’ll visit Israel in springtime. 🙂 Sandy G

  2. Meg March 17, 2014 at 3:35 am #

    What Sandy wrote – cheers Meg

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